The Homepage of Toshala Elliott

Hi. I’m Toshala and I really really like:


SF The Sri Chinmoy Centre
SF Sri Chinmoy's philosophy
SF Sri Chinmoy himself
SF The Blue Bird vegetarian café
SF Vegetarian food
SF Music
SF Plays
SF World Harmony
SF My family
SF My friends
SF Remembering peoples' birthdays
SF Playing the accordion
SF Humour
SF Animals
SF Calvin and Hobbes
SF The Far Side
SF Chocolate
SF Mangoes
SF Making cakes
SF Cookbooks
SF Experimental cookery
SF Volleyball
SF Watching videos
SF Crosswords
SF Sudoku Puzzles
SF Having long hair
SF Laughing
SF Swimming at the beach
SF Running in the New Zealand bush
SF Sweet and kind people
SF Enthusiastic people
SF People who like me
SF People who stop and help when I'm changing a tyre